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  • Bandai

    Bandai has become the leading toy company of Japan. The company holds many popular toy licenses in Japan, including Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, the Super Sentai series (which they took part in creating), Gundam, and many others. Bandai America is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children's toys and entertainment today, includingPower Rangers, Ben 10, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Tamagotchi, and Girlz Connect.

  • Banpresto

    Banpresto, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group based in Japan, is a premiere developer and manufacturer of amusement prize goods for the Japanese market. Having grown in popularity with fans around the world for the amazing value in its products, Banpresto merchandise is now officially available outside of Japan. Best known for the great quality and high demand of its collectible figures, figure lines including Grandista, Super Master Stars Piece, WCF, and the Banpresto World Figure Colosseum highlight characters from all-star franchises including Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and many more.

  • Beast Kingdom

    Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. was established in year 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. We focus on four categories of business: Distribution, Production, Exhibition, and Beast Kingdom Store. Until year 2015, we have manufactured and distributed thousands of products into thousands of shops in over 40 different countries and opened total of four concept stores across all the nation. Within all the hard work and effort, we have received awards consecutively since 2012, including Disney Best New Comer Award in year 2012, and Disney Best Licensee Award in year 2013, 2014, and 2015. Our goal is to bring the toys, the culture, and the entertainment to not only children’s world but also adults’ daily life. 

  • Bif Bang Pow!

    It doesn't get any better than this, folks! Gifting for yourself and others is easy when you shop Bif Bang Pow! at Entertainment Earth. Just look at all these action figures, bobble heads, tin totes, license plate holders, journals, and more from some of the most popular properties on the planet!

    Bif Bang Pow! The name is appropriate as this company’s products hit you right between the eyes. With the participation of well-known designers and a fan’s perspective, Bif Bang Pow! creates first-rate character toys and collectibles based on exciting properties and crafted with extreme attention to detail and authenticity. An ever-expanding product line continues to bring fresh and distinctive items to the marketplace. Bif Bang Pow! is a good place to start your collection or add to what you already have!

  • Blitzway

    Blitzway Co., Ltd. of Seoul, Korea is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, highly detailed action figures. With experience producing action figures of top Asian celebrities, the company also offers figures from Ghostbusters, Fight Club, Rocky, Scarface,and more.

  • BOTI

  • Bullyland

    Since 1977 Bullyland has also been a Walt Disney licensee. Creating Mickey and Minnie figures. The factory's other major current licences include Batman, Spider-Man, Pucca, Looney Tunes, Wendy and the Teletubbies.

  • Chronicle Collectibles

    Our name is new on the scene, but our background goes decades deep.  Chronicle is a company of collectors and prop makers with a shared vision of recreating and bringing Hollywood’s most iconic props to life.

  • Crowded Coop

    Formed in 2010 by Mary Olson and Brandy Tanner, this certified women-owned business started out determined to work with people who are like-minded and to make products that we are proud of. These original philosophies continue to guide our decisions and drive our business.

    We focus on licensed pop-culture products for people and pets, and wholesale to retailers worldwide, as well as our robust OEM / custom product business. We manufacturer products for a variety of consumer goods companies that rely on our experience in manufacturing quality, safe, compliant products so they in turn can sell their items into major retailers, such as Target, GameStop, and many more.

  • Dam Toys

    Manufacturer from Popculture merchandise and their new Dino museum series.

  • Dark Horse

    Dark Horse is anything but a "dark horse," as the hundreds of amazing toys, gifts, and collectibles below demonstrate. These graphic novels, comic books, statues, vinyl figures, mugs, and so much more make gift giving a walk (or is that a ride?) in the park!

    Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson and is based near Portland, Oregon. The company has published some of the most popular and groundbreaking comics ever to hit the market, and has lured many of the most sought-after creators to its stable. The firm's lineup of super-successful comics is based on very popular licensed properties. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the third largest comic book publisher in the U.S. and is recognized as the world's leading publisher of licensed comics material. But there is more to this company than comic books. Entertainment Earth’s huge selection of Dark Horse merchandise gives you lots and lots of choices for gifts and collectibles from this mega-force in the world of comics!

  • DC Collectibles

    Statues, busts, and action figures of your favorite DC Universe superheroes can be yours from DC Direct! Entertainment Earth has dozens to choose from right here, and they all make terrific gifts for you, your family, and your friends.

    DC Direct is the exclusive collectibles division of DC Comics, which manufactures and markets over 100 products each year. These fantastic items, ranging from action figures to cold-cast porcelain statues, are based on the world-famous DC Comics superheroes and other characters of the DC Universe. Each product is designed with the greatest attention to detail and authenticity. The DC Direct line is highly regarded and sought after by fans and collectors for its superior quality and limited availability. You can’t miss with collectibles from DC Direct!

  • DC Direct

    Statues, busts, and action figures of your favorite DC Universe superheroes can be yours from DC Direct! Entertainment Earth has dozens to choose from right here, and they all make terrific gifts for you, your family, and your friends.

    DC Direct is the exclusive collectibles division of DC Comics, which manufactures and markets over 100 products each year. These fantastic items, ranging from action figures to cold-cast porcelain statues, are based on the world-famous DC Comics superheroes and other characters of the DC Universe. Each product is designed with the greatest attention to detail and authenticity. The DC Direct line is highly regarded and sought after by fans and collectors for its superior quality and limited availability. You can’t miss with collectibles from DC Direct!

  • Diamond Select

    Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the parent company of Diamond Select Toys, was established in 1982 to provide comic book specialty retailers with wholesale, non-returnable comic books and related merchandise. After more than 20 years of service, Diamond has emerged as the world's largest distributor of English-language versions of these items, with a network of strategically located distribution centers throughout the world. Diamond’s huge selection of quality products encompasses a broad range of properties and genre. This company truly offers “something for everybody”!

  • EFX Collectibles

    eFX manufactures and markets extremely high-quality, screen-accurate, limited edition prop replicas and collectibles from your favorite films, television, video games, and other entertainment media. Formed in 2007, eFX was quickly awarded by Lucas Licensing the rights to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute prop replicas and models encompassing the entire Star Wars universe.

  • Factory Entertainment

    Factory Entertainment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality licensed toys, collectibles and household goods featuring a wide variety of music and entertainment properties.

    Our mission statement? In short, to provide great products that enhance the experience of being a fan and a collector. Whether it's an action figure or an autographed limited edition prop replica, all of our products are born of an enthusiasm to create ‘wonderful things’ that we, as collectors ourselves, would want to own. 

  • First 4 Figures

    Puzzle Productions is a United Kingdom based toy and model company, better known under its brand name First 4 Figures. First 4 Figures produces merchandise statues of well-known licenses, such as The Legend of Zelda, Assassins Creed, Metroid, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Besides normal character statues, the company also produces busts, replica weapons, and diorama statues.

  • Funko

    This company really puts the fun in gift buying, giving, and receiving! Whatever the occasion that drives you, you'll find something from Funko at Entertainment Earth that will be a big hit with anyone lucky enough to receive it... especially if that anyone is you!

    Funko was originally conceived by Mike Becker and founded by Frank Malone as a bobbleheads company in 1998 and sold in 2005 to its CEO, Brian Mariotti, who significantly expanded the firm's licensed lines. In addition to selling millions of its Wacky Wobblers, Funko has delighted the world with a broad range of playable and collectible merchandise that includes such diverse items as plush, Pop! Vinyl figures, vehicles, mugs, water bottles, key chains, lanyards, USB drives, lamps, and headphones inspired by a vast number of films, TV shows, video games, and more.

  • Gaming Heads

    All of the pieces available from Gaming Heads have been expertly and meticulously crafted with the discerning enthusiast, collector, and fan in mind. The time, effort, and skill that go into each and every piece make each collectible an instant classic. The company's products are made from the highest-quality materials and are part of limited edition production runs. Each comes with its own individual number and a unique product code that allows one to validate the product as genuine.

  • Gaya

    Gaya Entertainment was founded in 2006 to design, manufacture, and distribute premium merchandise and high-end collectibles under license of today's most popular PC and video games. While the company focuses mainly on video games, the range of different types of products is very broad. Gaya produces everything from pins, posters, mugs, and mousepads to accessories like bags and jewelry, as well as high-end collectibles such as action figures, statues, plush, and even life-size figures.

  • Gentle Giant

    Many collectors specifically seek out items created by Gentle Giant, especially when they're looking for something very special for themselves or a one-of-a-kind gift. It's easy to see why. Once you've sampled Gentle Giant's wares, you will be back for more.

    Gentle Giant Ltd. designs, develops, and manufactures 3-D representations of beloved characters from a variety of franchise properties with worldwide name recognition. The company produces a wide range of products that includes busts, statues, bust-ups, action figures, and more… all crafted using the highest-quality polyresin, resin, plastic, PVC, and ABS. Utilizing the most advanced laser-scanning techniques and a team of incredibly talented artisans, Gentle Giant digitally captures the likenesses of actors, props, and scenery to accurately recreate these images in 3 dimensions for fans and collectors everywhere. You can’t go wrong when you purchase Gentle Giant!

  • Hasbro Toys

    Collectors and fans of every kind appreciate the eye for quality that can be found in Hasbro toys and collectibles. That's why we at Entertainment Earth are proud of the selection of Hasbro products that we bring you every day. As one of the premier toy makers of all time, their toy lines have only gotten better over the years. If you're looking for Star Wars, Transformers, or Marvel, you'll find a great selection of Hasbro action figures right here. And if action figures aren't your thing, then don't worry, because that's just the beginning of what Hasbro has to offer. This is one company that considers everyone their audience. From the greatest board games to some of the world's favorite Hasbro dolls, including the Baby Alive line, we've assembled a great selection.

  • HCG

    This company offers amazingly detailed bobble heads, statues, and busts, as well as licensed prop replicas. Whenever possible, the replicas are produced by actually molding the screen-used prop, or cast from the molds used to make the original movie prop! Each replica is available in very limited numbers, with the edition size normally being 1,000 pieces or less.

  • Hot Toys

    Established in 2000, Hot Toys Limited is a high-end collectible brand, devoted to designing, developing and producing high quality and highly detailed collectibles with authentic likeness. Initially started the business from producing 1/6th scale military action figures, Hot Toys has since expanded its product scope to specialize in 1/6th scale collectible figures from popular movies, video games, comics as well as world renowned celebrities.

  • Iron Studios

    Iron Studios is a Brazilian company with concept stores in Sao Paulo, Eldorado, and Rio de Janeiro. The company's high-quality, highly detailed statues represent a range of licenses that includeGhostbusters, Batman, and DC Comics.

  • Jakks Pacific

    JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is a multi-brand company that has been designing, developing, producing, and marketing toys, leisure products, and writing instruments for children and adults around the world since 1995. Based in Malibu, California, the company markets its lines under various brand names, and in multiple product categories. It is a top-5 U.S. player in the toys and leisure products sector. JAKKS’ huge selection gives both the casual toy buyer and serious collector plenty of options from which to choose!

  • Jazwares

    Jazwares has been committed to creating quality products that push the boundaries of product design for over 10 years. With its focus on innovation and function, Jazwares has established itself as a well respected leader in the consumer products industry, delivering a diverse line of goods featuring some of the most contemporary entertainment properties in the marketplace.

  • Jinx

    Manufacturer of game items like Minecraft and Portal.

  • Kid Robot

    Founded in 2002 by designer Paul Budnitz, Kidrobot is the world's premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Kidrobot creates toys, apparel, accessories, and other products in collaboration with many of the world's most talented artists and designers, and the company also regularly collaborates with many of the world's top brands to create unique limited edition items. Kidrobot's products are the centerpieces of a global movement that exemplifies the cutting edge of both pop art and mass culture

  • Kotobukiya

    There's no better time than now to introduce yourself, your family, and your friends to the astonishing world of Kotobukiya. And there's no better place to find Kotobukiya's fine statues, model kits, and barware than right here at Entertainment Earth. Enjoy!

    Founded in 1953, Kotobukiya has grown into Japan's #1 collector toy company, with a peerless reputation for quality and craftsmanship. The firm has developed a number of the world's best-loved properties into exquisite collectible statues, figures, and kits that bring joy and value to fans the world over. You owe it to yourself to check out the superb offerings from Kotobukiya!

  • Lego

    Lego, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman etc.

  • MacFarlane

    Having trouble finding the right gifts to give or goodies to buy for yourself? Well, you can't go wrong with action figures, mini-figures, and vehicles from McFarlane Toys. Just look at all the possibilities below!

    McFarlane Toys is one of the largest action figure manufacturers in the United States. Established in 1994 to manufacture and sell figures based on founder Todd McFarlane's comic book character Spawn, the international award-winning company has expanded into popular licensed products and its own proprietary lines to become one of the premiere action figure producers on the planet. You’re sure to appreciate the quality, detail, and variety McFarlane brings to the table!

  • Marvel Comics

    Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

  • Mattel

    Mattel offers virtually everything you could ask for in the way of gift ideas and bounty for yourself. Choose from dolls, action figures, vehicles, playsets, games, and more, and don't be surprised if someone you know also shops among the plethora of different Mattel items at Entertainment Earth!

    Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, was founded in 1945. It produces a huge range of dolls, toys, games, and video games for boys and girls of all ages. In addition to the company’s very-well-known lines like Barbie and Hot Wheels, Mattel also provides merchandise under license to some of the world’s most famous properties. Many of the firm's products have become a part of our culture and one would be hard pressed to find any adult in this country who has not owned, played with, or at least touched one of Mattel’s myriad of toys.

  • Medicom Toys

    Manufacturer from Japan and they are specialised in anime and manga toys.

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